Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Recent Commission for a Wedding

Original Piece (11x14) she framed for fiance.
Recently, I was contacted by a young lady from out of state. She found me on the internet and wanted me to do a rendering of a song to frame and present to her hubby on their wedding day... She also wanted to have it ahead of time to enlarge it to have to hanging over the gift table at the wedding reception.  It was a tight turnaround time, as well.

Her request was for me to do it in a pointed  BRUSH lettering style, which I gladly did.  To get a better idea of EXACTLY what she wanted, though, I had her send  me some examples that she had found on the internet of the types of lettering styles she liked.  After seeing some "horrible" examples of brush lettering that's apparently out there, of which a kindergartener might possibly do, I replied to her that  if I could even try to emulate that style that I wouldn't put my name on it.  I also sent her the brush lettering styles which I do comfortably for her to choose from.  She was so delighted with my rough draft that she wanted me to SEND THAT to her.  Of course, I didn't, but this was a lesson, for sure.
The blown up version.... 3 feet by 5 feet

This is another shot of the blow up version.  With her face in the
picture, it really makes it apparent of how big it is.  WOW! 
Every mistake is amplified 10 times when one does this! It
better be perfect!  Hahahaha!

Another shot on the 8 foot couch.

I just simply could not emulate these very tastefully. 

A gift for someone very SPECIAL!

I love this quote by Piglet.

These are among the many tools which I used.

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.
"Pooh", he whispered.
"Yes, Piglet?"
"Oh, nothing," said Piglet taking Pooh's paw.
"I  just wanted to be sure of you."

Wrapping paper with some of my used scraps
and practice sheets.

More wrappings

Customized paper for wrapping

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some recent "commissions"

"H" is for Hope!

Framed piece for Hope


Graduation Gift  (My envelope is in the background for the graduate!

24k Gold Illumination

7x7 Accordion Book for Outgoing CCS President 
Gold and Black Webbed Paste Paper

Illuminated Name with 24k Loose Leaf Gold

Accordion Book Open

Friday, October 17, 2014

Back in the Swing of Things....

To the person who won my "staple guessing" contest of how
many staples were in my incision.
 Well, I made it through the surgery and four months post so far, and yes... I am starting to do calligraphy again.  I have sent out several envelopes already and a couple of small requests.  It's "Back in Business" for me.  Thank you for your patience.... and please be patient with me.
My Case Manager .. a Thank You!

A hand made card

A stone I picked up in Houston (and Calligraphed)
to commemorate my time there
and as a permanent reminder when my
GIFT OF LIFE came to be!

Hand delivered birthday card to a little girl...
the cutest baby in the world... who now is becoming
a fine, young lady.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just Breathe

These were three brush renderings I did when a friend from High School contacted me about a fundraiser for a certain individual who will be undergoing a Double Lung Transplant this year. 

This is just what it might look like... I do
not have a final rendering yet... I am told
the lettering will fit better on the shirt.
She originally wanted it to be a part of the whole design of a t shirt they had in mind.   At first, they were just going to have the lettering below a weeping willow tree blowing in the wind with another element, a long stemmed, PINK rosebud standing upright underneath.  

The tree, blowing in the wind, would signify the chaos in my life due to Cystic Fibrosis,  the writing signifying the need for lungs and breath and below all  would be the single, stemmed rose bud not swaying, whatsoever, signifying the years of growth and strength in the time of chaos...The bud would also signify the new lungs and the blooming which will come thereafter. In the tree there would also be an 83 to represent the year of graduation but will not be noticed unless pointed out. It would represent the whole class who is behind this person...They are doing everything they can, together, to help, 

This "certain individual" happens to be MYSELF.   I will be taking a hiatus from my calligraphy work and concentrating on my strength, health and recovery.  I will not be taking any calligraphy requests until I am post transplant.  Thank you for your understanding.  You may contact Teri if you are interested in finding a calligrapher in the Austin area or you may just go to this site and find a calligrapher yourself. president@ccscribes.com

I appreciate the love and support from Donna, who spearheaded this whole endeavor and Audre who took the ball and Made It Happen! I am also appreciative of other alumni in my high school who have embraced this endeavor and who are doing their own fundraisers to help my cause.
There is SO MUCH LOVE out there!  I truly am overwhelmed.

If you would like to donate to my campaign please go to my site/blog: http://operationdeepbreathe.blogspot.com/   Thank you in advance!

This is what they had in mind.... but not anymore.
They decided on simplicity and will just have the lettering in black
with the t shirt in pink or sea foam green *See above*. If you are interested in
purchasing one of these shirts, please contact me
and I will send you the link (Trish Taylor )
50% of the proceeds go toward my fundraising goal for the
transplant expenses.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Winnie the Poohism

I lettered this to honor my good friend, Jane. RIP dear friend!
I am breathless by your passing... my loss. What will I do without you!?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Latest Wedding obstacle solved....

When the bride ordered her wedding invitations, she overlooked the fact
that she didn't have a return address printed on the back flap of the invite and
on the response card envelopes....

I guess she thought that the calligrapher would do a couple hundred,
very tiny writing of the same address, over and over again....

So, what I suggested to the lovely bride, after she asked her printer if they could
take them back and print the addresses on them for her and they told her "YES, but
for an exorbitant price", was that I could calligraph a stamp in the same hand which
I did her envelopes with of her mother's address and she can use that after the invitations are done.

I chose an acrylic, self inking stamp, but since this was my first time...
lessons learned, I would have ordered the traditional, wood handled stamp
and inked it myself.... with Colorbox pigment ink.  This was an oil
based ink....

I think it was largely due to the absorbant envelopes that the impression wasn't as
crisp as I wanted it to be, because the actual stamp was cut perfectly and very clear.

It depended on how much pressure you put on the stamp as to whether it
was a little too dark or spotty...without enough pressure on the stamp handle.
There were some things I had to work through and I ended up having to rub
gum sandarac all over the surface of the paper before stamping...
which helped a lot!

Here is the ensemble with my hand lettered envelope on the left.

After all these years... I am still learning... and growing.

I will now have another item in my stash of treasures to call on if
I need a stamp for the future. 

We gave a great, local company which does a bulk of stamps and has
been around for as long as I've lived here.... a long time!